Siratec Management Consulting

Many business owners underestimate the challenges of hiring and managing local talent. These include the time and effort required to hire and train local staff, cultural differences as well as skill gaps. To overcome these challenges and address issues that arise, we can help you set realistic targets and expectations, and adapt your company approach to the local market.

We are able to share our insights and bring deep functional know-how to your senior managers and executives. By routinely consulting and engaging with you in business planning, business operations and risk management, we support you in decision-making especially in executing strategy and implementing operational excellence. We offer comprehensive solutions that come with tangible benefits. Our advisory services include initial business set-up consulting, as well as strategy revision and implementation.

We help make your operations more resilient by identifying and addressing inefficiencies. We do this by implementing clearer processes to replace non-optimal ones, streamlining communication channels and redefining responsibilities.

If you are looking to establish operations and supply chains in Southeast Asia, our professional senior consultants can also serve as external on-site management advisors or acting senior managers during the set-up and ramp-up phases.

Getting your foundation right is key to building a thriving business. Our presence reduces your learning curve significantly in new geographical areas. This translates into time and cost savings when entering new markets. By tapping on our on-site advisors, you can also reduce the cost of hiring expatriates to commence and lead your operations.