Siratec Procurement Transformation Program

Siratec Procurement Transformation Program

Procurement can be transformed into an ROI-generating asset if managed right. Procurement functions which are highly-focused and strategic, rather than tactical in nature, can drive significant long-term value throughout the entire organization.

Siratec Procurement Transformation Program can help you to build a world-class procurement organization. Under the program, we will:

  • Assess your current procurement and sourcing organization to identify gaps and help you to create and implement new processes
  • Provide in-depth process training to your organization to equip you with the skills and capabilities to make better decisions
  • Audit and review the new processes to ensure they are optimized and producing the expected results
Procurement is as much about people as it is about savings. Siratec can help you to evaluate the sustainability and effectiveness of your current organizational structure and ensure that it aligns with your business objectives.

We will help you to outline the roles and responsibilities for your procurement team, sharpening business focus and standardizing tasks. We will also create role-specific KPIs to facilitate a culture of continuous improvement.

It is important to leverage on the right procurement tools, combined with a sufficient level of automation, to facilitate the procurement process. We will assess your current technology and propose whether to leverage on existing technology or to replace it with more updated or effective options.
Robust procurement processes play a critical role in achieving the right balance between standardization and flexibility in your procurement organization. Optimized processes will also ensure that superior compliance, controls and monitoring are in place.

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current processes to identify areas for improvement. We will help you to develop new processes to eliminate existing gaps. We will also establish a detailed implementation plan which includes proper communication and training programs.

To ensure the success of process implementation, we will work with you to assign process ownership and develop KPIs to monitor the results.

Change management is much more than informing people about the impending change. It is also about seizing the opportunity to win your employees’ trust, getting them on board with your vision and aligning themselves with your procurement goals. You need to help them understand the consequences of not implementing change.

We will help to ensure that all new initiatives are institutionalized within your organization and deliver actual results.