Siratec Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Siratec Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Strategic sourcing can enhance your company’s competitive advantage significantly. It is essential to recognize and capture the opportunities strategic sourcing can offer by optimizing your sourcing strategy, processes and supplier base, and aligning them to your long-term corporate strategy.

Siratec Strategic Sourcing Solutions can help you to convert the most complex sourcing opportunities into measurable results. We focus on the Total Cost of Ownership, taking into account your specific needs and organizational goals, as well as current market conditions. We deliver everything you need to achieve your targets: spend analysis, supplier sourcing, contracts, communication, process updates, implementation, change management and more.

One of our core strengths is our network of suppliers signed up for our Siratec Partnership Program. Our partners focus mainly on the Oil & Gas, Marine, Mining, Aerospace and Medical industries. They have the capabilities to fulfill our clients’ supply chain needs, from complex electromechanical systems to heavy industrial equipment and structural fabrication.

Our unique Siratec Partnership Program offers you access to world-class suppliers located in Southeast Asia. Besides improving your Total Cost of Ownership, utilizing our supplier base can provide you with a strategic edge. For example, it can help you to penetrate new growth markets in line with your long-term corporate strategy.

Most world-class procurement organizations source a certain degree of their enterprise spend from low-cost countries. Local knowledge is critical to the success of low-cost country sourcing projects. Siratec’s team has decades of hands-on experience in managing strategic sourcing projects in Asia. We can help your organization to achieve maximum value by adopting low-cost country sourcing as part of your procurement strategy.

Siratec Low-Cost Country Sourcing provides you with a dedicated team of professionals with category-specific technical know-how and a deep understanding of local business culture, policies and regulations. We can help you to manage and drive the entire LCCS cycle – from category and country assessment to supplier identification as well as qualification, sourcing and negotiations to actual execution and sustainability.

Outsourcing business processes benefits the organization in several ways. Besides direct and indirect cost savings as well as risk mitigation, outsourcing frees up your resources, allowing you to focus on your organization’s core processes.

Siratec Outsourcing Analysis provides detailed analytics to help our clients understand current costs. We can build easily comparable proposals indicating the advantages of our outsourcing program.

We believe that sourcing organizations should always strive to promote a culture of continuous improvement. Although you may have a well-established working relationship with several suppliers, have you ever considered or analyzed whether the cost you are paying for is fair and competitive?

Siratec Renegotiations Initiative will help you to assess your agreements and leverage on a variety of strategies to renegotiate your contracts in order to capture optimal prices, services and terms.